Unlock Your Potential in the Music Industry

Are you an upcoming artist with dreams of taking your music career to new heights? Look no further! October Sun Productions is thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking Artist Development Program designed to provide comprehensive support and guidance to emerging artists like you.

Program Overview

Our Artist Development Program is tailored to nurture and enhance your musical talents, equipping you with the necessary skills and resources to flourish in the competitive music industry. We offer a range of services, including recording, songwriting, production, engineering, mixing, and mastering, all aimed at furthering your artistic journey.

Program Details

  • Recording: Immerse yourself in a professional recording environment and capture your music with top-notch equipment and engineers who will bring out the best in your sound.

  • Songwriting: Unleash your creativity and explore the art of songwriting with the guidance of experienced professionals who will help you refine your craft and create compelling music.

  • Production: Discover the intricacies of music production as you collaborate with our talented producers to shape and refine your songs, ensuring they resonate with your unique style and vision.

  • Engineering: Learn the technical aspects of audio engineering and gain hands-on experience in editing, mixing, and mastering to achieve professional-quality recordings.

  • Guided Sessions: Every week, you'll have the opportunity to engage in a two-hour session with music professionals and experts who will provide personalized feedback, mentorship, and invaluable insights to help you progress in your artistic journey.

Program Cost

To participate in this transformative program, the cost is R4000 per month. This fee includes access to all program services, including the weekly guided sessions, recording sessions, songwriting support, full song production, and engineering expertise. Investing in your career now can yield long-term rewards, propelling you towards success in the music industry.

My daughter has been working with Marc since she was 14 years old, when she was identified at a singing competition as having talent. This was in 2019, pre covid.

Marc saw something in Brook that sparked his professional interest and we have been working with him ever since. Brook has recorded numerous songs with him and Marc, and his team, have been nothing short of incredible. Their professional recording studio is exceptional and their attention to detail amazing.

Marc has since helped Brook write and produce her own originals which have been a resounding success. Not only did he help her reach her vocal potential, but his intuitive and caring personality helped dig her out of a dark mental space all through his love of music.

Marc is exceptional at what he does. In an ideal South Africa, he would be the epitome of a music icon, as well as a true role model for anyone ready to pursue music.

It has been a privilege working with Marc and his team and I know that whatever he sets his mind to, he will be brilliant at! Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need any further information. We will always feel indebted to this kind hearted, talented soul.

One happy customer

If you like to be treated with dignity and respect, you will find that Marc Skarda from October Sun Production, has a way to treat you with more than just that. He is able to make you feel that you are the only customer he has. He does whatever you ask of him in a flash, and you can expect it to be done better than your request. October Sun Production has the knowledge and wisdom to get things done right the first time, while treating you with the utmost respect. I recommend October Sun Production highly. Marc has done quite a lot of work for us, and every project was done professionally and the turnaround time was mind blowing.

Audition Submission Guidelines

To be considered for our Artist Development Program, we invite you to submit an audition that showcases your unique musical style and potential. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Format: Auditions can be submitted as a video or audio recording. Ensure the quality is clear and representative of your talent.

  2. Content: Choose two songs that best exemplify your musical abilities and demonstrate your versatility. Original compositions are encouraged but not required.

  3. Introduction: Begin your audition with a brief introduction, including your name, background, and musical aspirations.

  4. Contact Information: Include your full name, contact number, email address, and social media handles (if applicable) for easy communication.

  5. Submission: Email your audition recording, along with your contact information, to info@octobersun.co.za. Alternatively, you can upload your audition to a cloud storage platform and share the download link with us.

    Please note that while we strive to review every audition, only selected applicants will be contacted for further consideration.

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